We aim to provide skate reviews on all related products. There are so many different skateboard products and styles of products to purchase it can make life pretty difficult when it comes to choosing the set up for you.

The death of the local skate shop!

With more and more local skate shops closing and more skate products being bought online we feel it is important to give as many skateboard reviews as possible when making a buying decision. There are so many factors in buying a set of wheels from the type of board you are into to the type of streets that are in your area. With our skateboard reviews we can offer you as close to the feel as possible and help buy the best skate products.

The local shop was the perfect place to find the parts for your skateboard that really suited you. You could go in and have a chat about the product you were interested in and then be given a few options with personal reviews. Even stand on the board to see if the feel was right for you. Look at what other skaters in your area were interested in and what skate products they recommend. That is sadly becoming a thing of the past as towns become more and more focused on big chain stores that don’t really provide any specialist knowledge just give you cheap prices!

Skateboards online

skater nose grind on rail

Online skateboard shopping gives you one big advantage which is choice. Whatever skate product you need just search for it and you will be able to buy it with a couple of clicks. If you need a set of wheels we aim to provide high quality skateboard wheel reviews. This is really great and opens up a whole new world in terms of what board you ride but what it doesn’t give you is the actual feel of the skateboard or all of the first hand reviews from other skaters as to what it is actually like. We aim to provide some of these skateboard reviews so that when you buy your deck, trucks or wheels you can make a more informed choice and end up being happy with your skateboard.

As the decades have passed more and more products have come onto the market giving us a larger choice of skateboard to go for. Many younger skaters like to run an 8 inch deck that allows them to do loads of different tricks and flips where as some of the over thirties skaters are rolling around on wider 8.5 decks with wider trucks for more stability and speed. But don’t forget the rise of the Penny Board, these small skateboards which are like the old slalom set ups are so popular these days with kids and adults alike. On the more extreme side of skating there are the downhill long boarders. These guys throw them down hills at speeds of up to 60 miles an hour, its another option when you are looking at a skateboard. Our skateboard reviews look at the styles not just the products.

Many of us are influenced by our favourite skaters and what they are riding, we all want to be able to do the same tricks as them and ride with the same style. Many of these skaters have deck sponsorship as well as clothing, shoes, trucks and wheels. But what are these skateboard products really like? Some have wider boards or looser trucks and different concave, it all ends up in a lot of decisions that need to be made when we are purchasing skateboards. This is where skateboard reviews help!

Ultimately, we all just want to go out and skate! We need to get the information from the reviews, buy the right set up for us and get to the local skate park or the streets and start learning loads of new tricks. The quicker you can do this the more fun you will have. Hopefully we can provide you with enough information to make that choice easily.

Skate clothing and culture

blue skater tail slide on rail

With choosing the right skateboard comes choosing the right clothes. A lot of us love the culture and buy a lot of skate products around this. Clothing is a massive part of this with companies like Volcom, Thrasher and Chocolate offering many items and skate products like clothing like T Shirts, jumpers, trousers and shorts. Again, online there is so much choice so hopefully we can help you make an informed choice when you come to choose your favourite threads by giving honest skate clothing reviews!

Skate shoe reviews

Skate shoes are really important, we all like to ride with certain shoes. Some of us like the old school Vans Originals which are really basic and hard wearing where are other love to skate in Nike SB or more modern DC Shoes. It all makes up the whole skating experience for us and with so many to choose from reading our online skateboard reviews could really help.

You may be starting out and are looking for the best skateboard reviews to get you going and learn the basics, in that case there are plenty of companies offering full set ups to get you started in one hit. Just one purchase and you’re moving you don’t have to trawl around for individual skate products. Some of us are looking to update our set up and try a different skate product, with trends changing regularly in skateboarding it maybe the case that you just want something a bit different.

What ever the case maybe we will hopefully have some really valuable online skateboard reviews to check out your potential product purchases.

The growth in the over 30’s scene!

front side pivot on skateboard quarter pipe

The past few years has seen many skaters that first picked up a board in the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s get back out there and hit the parks. Some never stopped skating and others have found the skate scene again and become totally addicted to the adrenaline rush and skate products in later life. With this resurgence of interest their has been a big influx of re issue classic decks and skate products. Skaters like Steve Cabellero, Christian Hosoi, Tony Hawk, Jason Jesse and Eric Dressen are still out there skating hard and showing the youngsters how it is done. Being away from skating for a long time means people need to re learn about all the new brands and trends within the skate products. We can help with that by providing up to date reviews and re issue reviews on older boards.

Have a flick through and check out the latest skate products and skateboard reviews!.