On this page we will have a look at why bearings are important for your skateboard set up and some of the manufacturers of bearings. If you click down to the reviews of the specific bearings you will get a lot more detail on the individual sets and if they suit you.

Bearing Companies

Even though the bearings that are in skateboard wheels are a specific size there are specific makers of skateboard bearings. The bearings that they produce are built specifically for the harsh treatment a skateboard can give them rolling around streets and attempting tricks. If you think about the pressure that is put on them every time you ride your board from landing tricks and just general bombing around. The bearings used on skateboards need to be resilient, fast and smooth to ensure they cope with these pressures.

There are not a huge amount on the market as a few certain types are used by a lot of skaters. We will run through some of those standard bearing sets and point out the differences.

A lot of skaters ignore the bearings that are in there wheels and just keep the old set going when really they are one of the most important things to look after and replace when they are worn.

Bronson Speed Co.

The Californian based skateboard bearing company have a couple of sets of bearings on the market that are very popular with a lot of skaters. They pride themselves on leaving no stone unturned when it comes to the technology that sits inside your wheel. This attention to details makes very fast and smooth bearings. The Bronson Speed Co. team has many very famous skaters riding for the brand including Pedro Barros, Sam Beckett and Cody Chapman. They produce two sets of bearings, the mid price set is the Bronson G2 and the premium bearings are the Bronson G3, both are quality bearings offering a smooth ride but the G3’s have the edge when it comes to quality.

Have a look at the individual reviews for the Bronson bearings and see if they are the ones for your set up. They would be a good addition to anyone’s board.

Why Choose Slower Bearings?

It does seem strange that companies offer different grades of bearings when they are not a particularly expensive part of your board. Surely everyone would go for the best and the fastest. Well no, there are a number of reasons why people may well opt for a slower set.

New skaters may prefer a slower board that doesn’t fly along with one small push when they are trying to master the basics of getting around on a board or just learning some new tricks.

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to fly around the park at warp speed hitting everything with absolute aggression. There are a lot of skaters who like to roll around a little slower working on tricks and the technical side of skating.

Kids need slower boards to start learning, even some of the mid range bearings are maybe a little too quick for kids. The last thing you want is to put children off skating by building them a super fast board that they can’t handle.

Hopefully our reviews will give you some more detail and help you choose.