Bronson Speed Co G3

Some Of The Fastest Bearings Around

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The Bronson G3’s really are the bearings to have at the moment. They are super fast and really smooth giving your boards that extra edge when you are flying around the streets or park. Once you have used these you will really notice the difference form the standard Bones Reds that so many of us have run for years. For that extra little bit of money you are adding a lot to your set up.

It’s a part of our set up that gets overlooked so often, we spend a lot of money on the best wheels out there but then save a small amount on bearings. It’s the one thing that can really make difference when you are trying to get enough speed for certain tricks. As the bearings you have get older they are going to get rougher and slower and will need replacing. If it’s time to replace them it’s well worth choosing the Bronson G3 skateboard bearings.

Even if you are looking for a set of bearings to make your board run a lot more smoothly for just cruising around the G3 bearings really are a great investment that will make cruising a much more enjoyable experience.

The Technology

Bronson take skateboard bearing technology very seriously and really analyse what it is that the skaters need in a high quality set of bearings. They need to last as well as roll at high speed and really smoothly. That’s quite a lot to ask but they manage it very well.

Deep Groove Raceways

The Balls sit deeper than most bearings on the raceway channels. A lot of other more standard bearings sit in shallow raceways. This makes the bearings a lot tougher and reduces the amount of impact on the sides of the balls from various angles. The surfaces of the individual balls stay smooth and fast for longer and the bearing as a whole will suffer less breakages and wear.

Straight Edge Friction less Shields

The inner workings of the bearings are covered with a non contact rubber seal to keep all of the unwanted dust and dirt out of the bearings. The shield sits deep in the edge of the raceway and holds in all of the important stuff like oil and makes sure that the dust and dirt doesn’t get through. This is pretty important in the UK where we tend to skate in the wet a lot and the boards get pretty dirty. The seals are easy to remove which makes the bearings easy to clean and are free spinning. All in all it makes the bearings very serviceable.

Micro Groove Raceway Surfaces

The micro grooves allow the bearings to spin faster and smoother by using a self smoothing surface that helps keep everything lubricated. The grooves get rid of the wave of oil in front of the bearing as it spins which reduces the resistance allowing the faster spin. This precision engineering really helps in getting the edge when it comes to speed.

Impact Cage Design

The balls themselves are held inside a cage to keep them in place as the bearings spin. This something that not all bearings do especially the cheap makes. The nylon precision cage keeps the balls spinning and spaced at exactly the right places and helps with the lubrication by circulating the oil. The cage is engineered to hold oil in certain points around the ball socket to keep everything lubricated at all times.

Whats In The Box

One thing we love about the Bronson G3 bearings is the attention to detail. This doesn’t stop at the bearings, the packaging is brilliant and a really nice thing to have in itself. The whole set comes in a silver tin with the Bronson logo on it. The tin has a sliding top that holds all of the goodies inside. No doubt that the tin will be staying around the office and will become home to some bits and bobs as it looks so good.

Inside the box you will find some very nicely sealed up packages that contain all of the things you need to make your board run super quick. There are eight bearings that are slid onto a bar with 8 washers separating them all sealed up with some thick plastic shrink wrap. Then there are 4 spacers which are also shrink wrapped. Then comes the all important sticker!

It really is a nicely finished and packaged product that does exactly what it says! We highly recommend these and the amount of people skating them speaks for itself.

In Summary

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This is a seriously detailed set of skateboard bearings that inches out every last little bit of performance to help you go as fast as possible and keep it smooth. They are slightly more expensive then some bearings but well worth the bit extra as you will notice a massive difference the day they are put into your set up. Let them settle in and wear in and they will absolutely fly. Highly recommended by a lot of people and used by many pros. A great buy!

Luan de Oliveira: Bronson Bearings Team Rider

Check out Luan de Oliveira put the Bronson G3 Skateboard Bearings through their paces with some serious skating. If these bearings are good enough for the top pro’s they are going to be great for any of us trying to get a bit more out of our skateboards.