A look at the some of the best boards on the market.

We all have different preferences and there are thousands of skateboard decks to choose from. We will try to help you with the type of deck that you may want to think about buying. There is no one deck that fits all and trends and styles change over the years. One of the best bits of advice is to try your friends skateboards and see what is for you. With our reviews we will try and give you more info than a nice picture and help you make the right choice of board.

Skateboard decks are one of the most important parts of your set up.

There are a lot of reasons why people may want a new skateboard deck and different boards are right for you at different point of your skating. Maybe you are new to skating and are on a budget, you want to see if the skateboarding is for you before investing a lot. Down at the skate park you may have seen someone skating really well and like the look of there deck or you may want to ride the same deck as your favourite pro. Or it could be you just fancy a change. Whatever the reason there is a set up out there for you.

Most people buy their skateboard deck for the feel and how it rides others will buy a deck for the graphics. Hopefully our reviews will give you a good insight into which skateboard deck is for you. But remember our skateboard reviews are our opinion and you may want to try a few out and read a few more reviews.

Skateboard width.

There are lots of different widths of skateboard deck out there and its tough to find the right set up. The narrower 7.5 deck and 8.0 decks are great for tricks and doing lots of flips. These boards tend to be a bit more twitchy and harder to control at times but a lot of fun. A lot of skaters ride skateboards that are around to 7.5 to 8.25 style. On the wider end of the scales you have skateboards that are around the 8.75 deck size and upwards. Brands like Black Label Skateboards and Elephant Skateboards offer wider boards that are much more stable at speed. The set ups are generally heavier and harder to do a lot of modern tricks on but feel really good at the skate park. A lot of beginners prefer a wider deck as it feels more stable on your feet. Our beginner reviews will help with this.

See specific skateboard deck reviews for the widths.

Wheel base.

The distance between your trucks is important measurement on your board, a long wheel base give you more stability and a smoother turn but is less agile and harder to whip around things. The shorter wheel base boards are much more twitchy and fun to throw around the park. The big factor in this may be your height. If you are 6′ 2″ then a longer wheel base will be no problem but if you are 5′ 8″ then it could be a big factor in choosing your board. Some of the wider skateboards offer variable wheel bases on their boards with 2 options to bolt on your front truck. This gives you the best of both worlds. If you need a really short deck a lot of brands like Enjoi and Blind make mini decks.

Most of our specific skateboard reviews will give you wheel base information.

How much concave do I need on my skateboard?

Skateboard concave is a really personal thing. Some skaters like a really flat decks where as other prefer super deep concave. Most brands offer a range of boards between flat concave, medium concave and full concave. Hopefully are reviews can give you a bit more info.

Flat decks.

These decks are becoming trendy with a few brands offering 8″ flat boards, they allow you to move your feet around easily on the board. They are not that common in modern boards but more are appearing and some of the old re issue decks are flat.

Medium concave skateboard deck.

A deck with more concave are naturally stronger as the curve in the wood provides extra support so you are less likely to snap your skateboard. They provide a lot of grip and feel really good when you are flying around the park. Most modern boards have concave and are pretty strong. A good idea is to have a skate on a few of your friends and see if you like the feel of the skateboard then check the concave.

Full concave skateboard deck.

These decks have steep concave and have a lot of grip for your feet. The great thing is that your skateboard deck will stick to your feet really easily, the bad thing is that they don’t make it easy for you to move your feet.

Our individual reviews will give you concave information.

Skateboard graphics.

Graphics are a personal thing and a contentious issue, they are difficult to write reviews on! Personally I don’t really mind what graphics are on my decks as they soon get scraped off with rail slides and covered with stickers. Most serious skaters will go for the feel of a deck rather than the look, but it does help to also like the graphics on the deck you buy. There are so many skateboard decks out there that you will probably be able to pick up a deck that has the right feel and your style graphics. We can comment on graphics but can’t put too much in our reviews. If you like it then its for you!

Brands like Palace and Enjoi offer modern graphics with strong colours and patterns and not too much detailed art work. Other decks like the re issue boards tend to have a lot of detailed graphics. Steve Caballero always had the dragon illustrations on his boards. It depends on what is for you, it really is a personal choice. Just remember that if you intend to learn a lot of tricks the art work won’t stay on the board for long!

We have mostly mentioned the more modern street and park style skateboards in our reviews but have a look that style of skateboarding that you want to get into and buy the right board.

As well as the normal boards there are long boards, cruisers, down hill decks and slalom boards. All are on the more niche side of skateboarding but all great fun. On Organic Skateboards we will try and provide as many reviews as possible.

How our skateboard reviews work.

Skating is an individual sport with many different options of components. We will provide skateboard reviews on as many as we can but try and get to your local skate shop as well. There is no better way to work out what you need by chatting and feeling your deck.

Enjoy reading our skateboard deck reviews and hope they help!