A review of one of the best skateboard brands around!

Almost skateboards have been producing decks for over 10 years, bringing some really cool pro decks and new technology to the skate shops in the UK. The company has been built by the inspirational figures of Daewon Song and Rodney Mullen over the years to bring boards that can cope with the latest and toughest technical tricks of the time. Most major skate brands have some pretty influential figures behind them and Almost skateboards is no exception. As well as being very technical the Almost skateboards company are a really creative brand producing video clips on social media skating weird skate park set ups to terrain that we wouldn’t usually look at.

Almost Skateboards: Pushing the boundaries

As well as building quality decks for the market the Almost skateboards team continue to push the boundaries of skating. The countless video clips and instagram pictures from the team inspire thousands of skaters by pushing the possibilities of skateboard tricks every day. These guys will stop at nothing to land some of the most technical skateboard tricks around. With the two founders of the company being the inventors of a lot of the technical skateboard tricks that form part of most of our day to day skating. It is no wonder that Almost skateboards can build high quality products as well as put together a super cool team.

Impact Technology In Skateboard Decks

One of the big reason to skate an Almost deck is their impact technology. This comes in different forms and can make your board last a lot longer giving you tons more pop when you start going for big tricks. Many of the pros like them because they last for a long time, when you are doing big flips and tricks down big drops it is pretty easy to snap a lot of boards so this is the way forward. The double impact boards are made from 8 ply technology rather than the 7 ply build for a lot of boards.

There is nothing worse than getting your nice new skateboard deck and for the first few skates it feels really strong and pops all of your tricks nice and easily but then it starts to feel a bit flat and squashy. All of the pop disappears and everything becomes a lot harder work. Tricks that you could do all day on a new skateboard become harder and harder to a point where you need to go and buy a new skateboard and get used to it. Almost skateboards are dedicated to try and improve the traditional 7 ply skateboard deck technology and it seems to be working!

Impact Support Boards

These Almost skateboard decks are an 8 ply set up with carbon fibre supports at the truck points to give it more strength. When you are landing big tricks down a lot of stairs or landing flippy tricks awkwardly this deck construction will help save your board and you will probably not snap so many decks. Snapping a skateboard is an expensive pass time so it may be worth giving an Almost deck a go!

Impact Plus Boards

These boards are built using the same 8 ply North American maple set up and carbon fibre discs but also have a carbon fibre top laminate input. The laminate gives the board extra pop and strength for a super hard wearing and tough board. You can take on the biggest obstacles with a lot of confidence in the board.

Double Impact Decks

Built using 7 ply with a full carbon fibre top laminate and the carbon fibre discs at the truck mounting points. These decks have it all. Tons of pop for trying new tricks and loads of strength but they are also very light which can be a really big advantage when they are added to light trucks and wheels. Those long skate sessions will get easier with a lighter board. The Double Impact Decks are becoming really popular and it is no surprise, they are well worth buying.

Almost Deck Choices

They have a good range of skateboard deck sizes as well, from the 7.75 Rodney Mullen rings board up to 8.5. Many of the boards are around the 8 inch to 8.5 deck width which are the popular sizes there days. The narrower boards under 8.0 are fantastic for the more technical skaters that want the board to work on all of the latest flips whereas the wider board that are over 8.25 are brilliant middle ground boards for skating all sorts of terrains from street to transitions.

Technical Information

One thing I love about the Almost skateboards is that they give you a lot of information about the deck online. Buying decks online can be a difficult task as a lot of us need to get a feel for the board before we buy it. Many skate brands don’t give you a great deal of information about the decks apart from the width and graphics. Almost skateboards give you a lot of information about the deck construction including how much concave is on each deck. Choosing a deck is such a personal thing, often you have to go to a skate shop to find out the best fit but with an Almost deck you can go to their website and see how each deck will work out for your style.


Personally I like the Almost deck graphics. They tend to be very modern designs with some really nice art work and colours. They have a lot of different graphics to choose from. Some of the latest boards have super hero graphics like Batman, Wonder woman and Superman, other have more modern art work and some have photo based graphics. There is plenty to choose from and with a wide range in deck widths you should be able to find one you like. There are also quite a few decks with logo graphics that look pretty good and are worth checking out.

There are some new Pro Colour Wheel decks out that are really bright and colourful. They look great with streaks of really bright colour coming from the middle of the deck. On top of the pattern is the red circle logo and the pros name in big bold white writing. Really worth a look!.

The OG Rings Impact Almost deck range are less colorful but with a really nice modern ring design. The skateboards come in different colours and are available in different pro models so you can choose from width.

There is a large range of designs and with many widths of board one of the Almost skateboard decks should fit your skating style and your graphics taste. Its worth having a browse through all of the decks they have available!

A bit of skateboard history

Almost skateboards was started in 2003 by the legendary skaters Daewon Song and Rodney Mullen. If you are looking to buy an Almost deck built by some of the best skateboarders knowledge in the world then you won’t go far wrong with Almost decks. Rodney Mullen has been a pioneer of the skateboard world since the early 80’s doing tricks on a freestyle board that no one thought possible. Those tricks now form the basis for most of modern skateboarding. Daewon Song is one of the most creative skaters out there, I love to watch his skateboard videos trying all sorts of weird set ups and tricks and skating his chalk boxes! These two people are a great reason to buy one of their skateboard deck alone.

The original skateboard team had some awesome skaters flying the flag for the brand including Ryan Sheckler, Chris Haslam and then a little later Tory Pudwill. Many have moved on but the latest pro team are really strong and have a wide range of decks to choose from including Cooper Wilt, Chris Haslam and Youness Amrani.

In summary I think that the Almost skateboard decks are a really good buy and come from a company that is forward thinking and that care a lot about taking skating to the next level. I think an Almost deck will be my next skateboard purchase!