Black Label

Looking to build a board that is comfortable to cruise on and good at the skate park?

John Lucero and the Black Label skateboard brand have been around for a long time and have seen many different skate fashions and brands come and go. They have kept producing brilliant skateboard decks and have had many of the most influential skaters on their team over the years. They have stayed focused on the skate culture they believe in which has made the company an icon in the skateboard industry always producing top quality decks. They represent some of the more hard core skaters that have been around for a long time not the Californian surfer image.

Size really matters!

A lot of the Black Label decks are pretty wide going from 8.25 inches wide right up to 9.0 inch wide decks that are super stable and fun to ride. After going through a lot of different skateboard decks the 8.75 deck was the one that really felt good for going as fast as I could when I had the time to get out. Not so good for all of the technical tricks as the narrower skateboard decks but a lot of us are not skating for that reason.

Black Label Deck: Top Shelf 8.75

Black Label Top Shelf Deck 8_75 Amazon Prices

Some of the wider skateboard decks also have a longer wheel base to add to the smooth and stable ride. This is great but can be a little tricky for shorter skaters, I found the board could be a bit heavy when you are trying to pop lots of trick during a long three hour session and as you get more tired it gets harder to skate. But on the flip side skating bigger transitions and faster lines felt totally smooth and safe whereas on a narrower 8.0 inch board it feels a bit sketchy.

If your new to skating give a Black Label deck a go!

A lot of new skaters and people that are coming back to riding a skateboard would be very wise to get themselves a wide 8.75 Deck to get the feel of skating, its great at the skate park and on any street and will feel a lot more stable for beginners. I have given my skateboard to a few people who want to give skating a go and have found it has given them confidence. Many new skaters need to build confidence at speed and feel comfortable before attempting any tricks, many of us start on a wider deck and gradually move towards a narrower deck the more tricks we attempt. If you only skate once a week and will never get to the point when you are attempting new tricks all of the time you may want to stick with a wide deck.

Black Label Deck: Classic Elephant 8.5

Black Label Classic Elephant Deck 8_5 Check Amazon Prices

The skateboard brand was started by John Lucero in 1988 and since then has had a team that has included Matt Hensley, Mike Vallely, Salmon Agah, Jeff Grosso and Omar Hassan. With all of these legends of the sport riding these decks and putting so much input into the production of the boards it is going to be a quality product.

These decks aren’t the cheapest out there but it is well worth spending the extra bit to buy one as you won’t be disappointed. If you want to spend your money wisely and want an all round deck then this is money well spent.

Deck graphics.

The Graphics are pretty cool and colourful on these skateboard decks, with a few different logo and pro boards to choose from. The Top Shelf decks are plain boards with the logo across them with the wood grain showing through. These are really nice looking skateboards that also feel great. They also have some skateboards with busy graphics like the Some Girls Pink and Blue decks that have a lot brighter graphics with lots going on.

Riding a trusted brand.

We all have our favourite skateboard brands that we like to buy. Some of the bigger brands cover the whole spectrum of sizes and styles of skateboard decks but others like Black Label really have a certain style of deck. If you like these boards then you will always know that the board will be built to a high standard and will feel good in the skate park and on the street. I often stick to a certain brand and style of skateboard as I know it won’t take a long time to get used to and it will last. They also represents the less commercial side of skating and aim at the people that love their style not going purely for the most popular size of deck. It doesn’t mean they don’t offer lots of sizes but they don’t change to fit the latest skateboard fashion.

Sig Sag 8.5" DeckAlfaro Faded Beauty 8.68" DeckTeam Live Free 8.12" Deck
sig sag 8.5 deckBlack Label Alfaro Faded Beauty Skateboard Deck 8.68Black Label Team Live Free Deck 8.12
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Our reviews try and give you a good look at the skateboard decks available before you chose. If your looking for a new deck for your skateboard, try one of these. You won’t be disappointed!