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Fashions in skateboard decks and products come and go, boards of different sizes and styles come onto the skate scene at different times. This is often dictated by what decks the brands are selling and what the pros are riding. Along with this comes the most popular skateboard brands of the time. Skateboarding has always had a lot of small brands that are really popular along with the major skate brands. Palace skateboards are one of the brands that are really popular at the moment in the UK and are producing quality decks and skateboard products that are selling fast!

If you like to be one of the trendy people at the skate park with the coolest and most up to date skateboard gear and brands then Palace decks are for you. The brand has won awards for its campaigns and building a really strong foot hold in a market that can be incredibly tough to conquer. The clothing along with the Palace decks are very fashionable things to have. Lev Tanju started Palace at around 2009 and has done a great job of building a strong British skateboard brand. Celebrities have also been seen wearing the clothing which gives it the extra kudos to go with the quality. If you turn up at any UK skate session you are almost guaranteed to see some products on display from Palace skateboards.


The London Skate Scene

As with all areas that have a strong skate scene there are always great skaters and skateboard companies that come along and are built up with it. London is no exception and the scene has stayed strong. As with all trends skateboarding grows and shrinks with the times but the core has always been there and been well supported.

View the Palace Deck Range

Palace skateboard decks came out of the London skate scene with many great street skaters on the label. Street skating has always been a big part of the London skate scene with many top skaters coming through and brands that are supporting the scene. The tradition of the South Bank has been carried on with many new concrete skateboard parks springing up all over London which is helping the sport to grow. Palace and other small London skate labels are supporting this scene.

Visit The London Shop


Many skateboard shops are on the decline which is a real pity as they are not just a shop to go to for a board they are a hub for the skateboard community. The Palace skateboard shop in London is somewhere to go to check out all of the new decks which are on display in a well designed and modern layout. If you are in London and considering one of the Palace decks its worth a visit to have a chat about the board for you and check out other products that they have available. These decks are also available in many other skate shops and online but the Palace shop will have the full range.

Deck Sizes on Palace Skateboards

All of the popular modern deck sizes are covered by Palace skateboards so ninety percent of us will find the deck we are looking for on this brand. They start at a narrow 7.75 deck for skaters who like a small board to do lots of tricks and go up to 8.5 which covers most of the needs of skaters nowadays. With so many skate parks being built the 8.5 skateboard decks are the perfect size for bombing around the streets and skating the local transitions at the skate parks. As skating progresses it is getting more and more technical and these decks are the perfect size to deal with the new tricks coming out.

Reasonably priced skateboard decks


View the Palace Deck Range

The decks are very reasonably priced as well, they come in at around the £40 mark which is great for a really high quality deck. With a lot of pro boards costing over the £50 mark it is no surprise that the combination of price and quality is proving to be a real winner. Palace Skateboard decks offer you a quality set up at an affordable price. If its value for money you are looking for this could be for you. With most of the premium skateboard deck manufacturers selling their boards at the top end of the price range this is a strong selling point for Palace.

The decks are made in China but that doesn’t seem to be an issue, the skateboards are very popular among skaters and are a very comfortable to ride. I’ve seen a lot of people skating them and no one has moaned at all, in fact most people I have talked to seem to be really happy with the deck.

Great feel


No matter how good our deck looks and what brand it is the most important thing is how the skateboard feels when you are skating it. Nobody can really see the graphics or the skateboard brand when your are darting around the streets or skate parks doing the tricks that you love. The most important thing is how the board feels under your feet. We all have personal preferences as to the skateboard set up we like and Palace decks offer a good range to cover these.

The Palace decks feel great, the dimensions are bang on and the concave is not too steep and not too mellow. They feel great at speed and are good for doing all sorts of technical tricks. The pop on the board is really nice, it easily pops pretty nice tricks with no extra effort and the board I had kept the pop for a long time. Keeping the pop is so important as we don’t want to be spending a lot of money on boards every month, if one can last a couple of months then all the better.

Graphics to choose on Palace skateboards

The graphics on the decks are not everyone’s cup of tea. They are very modern and minimalist graphics which look really good but there is not a wide range to choose from. The graphics should never stay on a skateboard for a long time so its not really a problem if you are after a deck that feels good. It will be covered in stickers in no time at all!

One thing that was a pity is that the top of the boards look great as well and I had to cover it in grip tape! If only we could keep them on both sides. Maybe they could be hung on the wall if you like that sort of art work and add it to your skateboard collection.

Palace decks: Lucien Clarke


Check out Palace Lucien Clarke decks, he is one of the pro’s on Palace skateboards and has the Lucien Clarke Deck available to buy. A through and through London skater he now represents the brand and other skateboard companies like Supra. A really good endorsement for a board especially if you like to buy British brands! In years gone by you would often see him skating around the streets of London, now he travels all over the world showing off his style of skating and helping to endorse the brands that sponsor him.

Palace decks: Chewy Cannon


View the Palace Deck Range

Chewy Cannon is one of the leading British street skaters and has picked up some big skateboard sponsors including Adidas and Thunder as well as being pro on Palace skateboards. He has been skating around the capital city for many years and has become a major name on the UK skate scene. Have a look at the Palace Chewy Cannon decks, they come in 8.2 and 8.3 sizes with a couple of different graphics to chose from.

Selling out fast!

These Palace skateboard decks are selling out at a lot of the skate shops and online. As soon as the boards come in they are gone again. Its no real surprise with how popular the brand is at the moment. Palace do not produce a load of different decks so the few models they make are the boards to be seen on at the skate park. This coupled with a great price for the boards is a brilliant combination. The London label has really pushed the brand and have now even sponsored taxis to promote the new products.

The clothing brand is also becoming very big with many different types of clothing on offer from coats to T shirts to hoodies. The clothing is starting to become fashionable amongst many people outside of skateboarding making it a large part of the business.

Hopefully our Palace deck reviews will help you make the right choice!