Chris Cole

Joining the ‘All Star’ skate team in 2015

If you are looking to buy a skateboard deck and are led by the best skaters in the world then purchasing a Chris Cole deck is going to be a good idea. Chris Cole joined the skateboard team in 2015 completing an ‘All Star’ line up. The questions has been asked, is this the best team ever? Well arguably yes, with many of the current skateboard greats and other skaters like Danny Way that have been at the top of there game for decades! Chris Cole fits right into this team being one of the best known technical skaters around!

Plan_B_Cole_Shift_Pro_Spec_Pro_Deck_8_375 Chris Cole Decks at Route One

Over the years he has been on many skate teams and has had many sponsors. All of this experience contributing to the great skater that he is today. His current sponsors include Monster Energy, Thunder, Spitfire, Plan B, DC, Grizzly Grip tape and along with this he has also been on the teams of World Industries, Axion Footwear, Tensor Trucks, Enjoi, eS, Fallen and Zero Skateboards. Put all of these teams together and he must be one of the most experienced skaters in terms of working with different products.

Competition win

Chris Cole’s competition wins include 2 X Games golds and a street league win as well as the being voted Thrasher Magazine’s “Skater of the Year” twice! Not bad for his career so far and he is only in his early 30’s. He has regularly achieved top places on major competitions through out his career even into his 30’s where he is definitely one of the older skaters competing. As time goes on some of the older skaters are still mixing it up with the younger skaters in street and transitions competitions including Steve Caballero and Chris Cole.

Mix up all of the years of skating, the experience of different skateboard teams, accolades and wins and you will end up with a skateboard deck that is produced to the highest quality. There is no better knowledge than first hand experience and Chris Cole certainly has tons of that.

Chris Cole: Plan B Deck Range

There’s a board here for pretty much everyone with plenty of sizes and graphics to choose from. There are also a few different construction types for skaters that are particularly picky about the fell of the board. Have a lot look at the details below and pick one out that will fit you.

Chris Cole Decks at Route One

Great range of sizes

The Chris Cole range of decks has a few sizes to choose from. They start at 8.0 and go up to 8.5 with all of the sizes in between. This covers most skaters, there is not a version in the 7.75 range but most skaters are on an 8.0 upwards board. The 8.5 skateboard deck covers the lot, nice and stable at speed and can still be flipped about. As always with Plan B they have covered a good range to suit a lot of skaters.

Deck Prices

The decks come in at the middle of high quality decks but are well worth it at around £50 to £55. The boards are well built and the West Coast company are always working on new methods of pushing skateboard deck technology so you can always be sure that they are using the latest and best methods of board construction. Plan B are a big brand with a lot of stock in the online and high street skate shops so its well worth looking around at the sales to see if you can pick one up at a great price.

Chris Cole Decks at Route One

Price is often quite a big factor for UK skaters as the good old British weather can be a real board killer. Skating in the wet is terrible for the boards and can de laminate and make the deck feel a lot more squishy and harder to pop. Many of us get through a good few boards so anything that can make it a bit easier on the pocket is welcome. The BLK ICE, Prospec and P2 boards are strong and keep there pop for longer so they may well deal with the wet a bit better too.

Chris Cole Deck Construction and Graphics

As with all Plan B decks there are a number of graphics and decks to choose from which makes it nice and easy to pick a board that suits you in feel and also look.

The ‘Cole Haunted House 8’ is a nice looking board with dark cartoon graphics, the 8 inch deck is a versatile size and is built using the Prospec construction method giving you a lighter and stronger board. Even though it is strong it is thinner as it has thinner laminates.

The ‘Cole Triumph’ deck is also in the 8 inch width and is a BLK ICE deck that is super slidey on all of the rails and curbs so you don’t need to carry your wax every where! These boards also keep their pop for a long time meaning they feel brilliant for longer than most boards and last a while too! Really popular board at the mo. The BLK ICE layer on the bottom of the deck also gives the graphics a glossy finish that looks really nice.

The ‘Cole Exploration 8.2’ is a P2 deck that has eagle cartoon graphics. Its a great looking board and at 8.2 inches wide is a versatile size deck that will suit a lot of skaters. The P2 decks are a 6 ply construction with a fibre layer that gives it super pop and strength. A really good all round board.

In summary, you won’t go far wrong here. The decks are produced by a reputable brand that produce high quality products and Chris Cole is one of the best of all time. A great combination and with plenty of sizes and graphics there should be one that you can skate.

Chris Cole Demo Video

To give you some idea of the punishment that Chris Cole and the rest of the Plan B team give the decks have a look at the video below of a demo from the team!

We hope our reviews help and give you some idea of the sort of skateboard decks that will be right for you.