Danny Way

We take a look at the range of decks from the skating legend!

What can you say about Danny Way? Well he is a true legend of skateboarding. His career has spanned four decades with his first video appearance in 1988 in the Powell Peralta film Public Domain and breaking the world highest air record in 2015. The unique thing about Danny Way is that he is followed by skaters of all generations. Still popular with the older skaters from the Steve Caballero and Christian Hosoi era and is also still one of the main skaters on the Plan B team along with the likes of Ryan Sheckler and Chris Cole.


Danny Way Decks at Route One

Danny Way is continually striving to push the sport to the edge in terms of new tricks and driving the skateboard industry he is a true great. Not only is he the man behind the revival of the Plan B brand he is also one of the pro skaters on the team with a fantastic deck range available.

Although an all round skater Danny Way is probably best known for his vert and huge ramp skating. His countless year of experience and knowledge of skating has enabled him to create a fantastic range of decks. He is known as a pioneer of Mega Ramp skating which is now a huge event in the major competitions like the X Games but can also turn his hand to any style of skateboarding.

About the Danny Way deck range


Danny Way Decks at Route One

There are a good range of Plan B Danny Way decks available. The sizes cover most types of skating so there should be something for most Danny Way fans to enjoy skating. As he is such a versatile skater there are boards that suit vert and street which a lot of pro models don’t offer.

Deck Size and Graphics

The ‘Way Tunes 8.2 Vert’ is a deck for all of you big ramp skaters out there. These skateboard decks are good for skating at high speed and really pushing it on the big ramps. There are not too many big ramp skaters around so this deck will not be for everyone but if you are skating some big stuff it would be worth checking one out. After all you will be buying the pro models of one of the best vert skaters that ever lived!

The ‘Way Ammo 8’ and ‘Way Reload 8.375’ have gun cartridge graphics which is quite different to a lot of the other graphic styles. The decks are good all round sizes with the 8 inch skateboard deck a great street deck and the 8.375 is great for pretty much all skating, street or park.

The Velocity 8.1 and Exploration 8 are a pretty standard size deck these days for most skaters. The graphics are very different giving you a good choice in the size range from a Danny Way deck. The reality is that most people that follow Danny Way and want to skate on of his decks are going to be skating street and smaller stuff so the range of boards is good for anyone who wants to ride their favourite pros board.

Skateboard Deck Construction

As with all the Plan B decks the Danny Way models come in the different constructions available. There are the Prospec boards that are light and give brilliant pop and strength using thinner laminates. The P2 have a fibre layer and 6 ply construction for lightness and strength and the BLK ICE decks have a coat that makes the really slidey and helps them keep there pop for longer. All of these constructions are great skateboard deck technology and help keep your board feeling new for longer.


Danny Way Decks at Route One

Deck Pricing

These skateboard decks are bang in the middle of the pricing range for high quality pro boards, coming in at around the £50 mark. These decks are well worth the money and have a lot of the latest skateboard technology built into them. You are also paying for the knowledge of a lot of the best skateboarders ever! Well worth the price in our opinion.


The list of things that Danny Way has achieved in the skateboard world are endless. He has been the ‘Thrasher skateboarder of the year’ twice and won countless competitions over the years. Pushing skate boarding to the limit in all areas is something he thrives on winning many X Games Gold medals, holding the highest air record, holding the longest jump record and holding the speed record on a skateboard at various points during his career. Is there anything that he won’t try!

2005 Air over The Great Wall of China

Jumping the Great Wall of China using a mega ramp structure is one of Danny Way’s more famous skateboard stunts. The jump that he was attempting was huge and the land mark was iconic. All in all it was a real skateboard spectacle. And not just from a skateboarding point of view but getting something like that organised in China took a huge amount of work. Even after suffering a couple of wipe outs he made it!

2015 World Record Highest Skateboard Air

In Southern California in 2015 Danny Way and his team build one of the largest quarter pipes ever and a mega ramp structure with the view of pulling off the highest ever air on a skateboard. This is a really dangerous thing to try and has some pretty serious consequences if it goes wrong! With his vast experience of Mega Ramp skating and sheer determination he managed to break the record unscathed. He a managed to break his won record and set the new record at 25.5 feet! I think that might stand for a long time.

The great thing about pushing the boundaries this far are that it takes skateboarding to the masses and keeps the sport moving forward. Skateboarding goes through waves of popularity and if you are not a big fan it can be difficult to work out the difference between one trick and another. With these spectacles the videos are watched by millions on social media around the world and it sparks the imagination of people that have maybe not tried skateboarding before. Danny Way is one of the main men pushing the sport and for that reason alone you should try one of his decks.

We hope this review and information help you to make a decision on what deck to purchase. You won’t go far wrong with Plan B decks and Danny Way.