PJ Ladd

Decks from one of street skating’s greats!

PJ Ladd is a street skating legend. The Boston skater is one of the most technical skaters around and has some pretty mind blowing tricks. Now based in California he is part of the Plan B skateboard team and has his own range of PJ Ladd decks.

PJ Ladd Decks at Route One

He has been around for well over ten years with some amazing video clips that have propelled him to fame in the street skating world. He was a amateur on Element then turned pro on Flip and is now with Plan B. His other major sponsors are Venture trucks and New Balance. He has won the Battle at The Berrics twice and has many other skateboarding accolades to his name.

PJ Ladd Deck Construction

Street skaters need really tough boards and a lot of pop. It is so important that a skateboard deck keeps its pop when you are trying to do the latest technical tricks or trying to ollie down a big set of steps. They need to be strong as well, most of us are not sponsored so we don’t get an endless supply of free decks. We need our boards to last and feel good for a long time. The decks also need to be light, those long hard sessions can be really tough on the body as well as the board so any weight saving will be less tiring.

PJ Ladd Decks at Route One

That’s a lot to ask from a skateboard deck! Lucking Plan B decks are well thought out and a lot of the latest skateboard technology goes into them to try and perfect the boards we ride and make them last.

Deck sizes

The PJ Ladd skateboard deck range offers board from 7.75 up to 8.25. This is the perfect size range for most street skaters. Some favour the narrower 7.75 to get the flips and technical skating absolutely nailed where as others prefer to mix it up on and 8.25 which gives them a lot more versatility when it comes to skating different terrain.

The ‘Ladd Tunes 7.75’, Prism 8.25 and Rays 7.875 and Fold 7.75 are all built using the Prospec deck technology. These boards are light and strong with lots of pop. They are lighter, thinner and stronger using thinner laminates. These boards have super pop and are really strong. If you intend to give your board a good battering then these could the ones for you.

PJ Ladd Decks at Route One

The ‘Ladd Cubes 8.125’ is a P2 deck. These boards are made from a 6 ply construction with a fibre layer to give pop and strength. Again, these boards are good for street skating, giving you the ability to pop those big tricks with little effort and the board won’t snap too frequently which will save you money.

PJ Ladd Deck Costs

The boards are really good value and should last longer which means the price is good. Costing around the £50 mark which is pretty average for most pro decks the PJ Ladd deck will hopefully save money by being stronger and longer lasting. All skaters dread snapping there decks as they know it will cost a lot to replace, often if you are skating big stuff you can plough through boards which become a very expensive hobby. It’s well worth investing in the new skateboard deck technologies, especially the ones with fibre layers to help with this problem.

To have a look at some of the outstanding skating from PJ Ladd sit back and watch this clip. Remember that this came out in 2002! If you like this sort of skating then one of his decks could be for you.

We hope our review helps you when you are looking around for new deck. The Plan B PJ Ladd decks are really worth a look.