Ryan Sheckler

Plan B offer a good range of skateboard decks from one of the best skateboarders in the world, Ryan Sheckler. His big personality along with immense natural ability and work ethic have made his pro decks some of the most sought after in the skateboard world. We all want to skate like our favourite pros and the first step of the way is to skate their pro model.


Ryan Sheckler Decks at Route One

The boards come in a good range of sizes from 7.6, 7.75, 8 and up to 8.375. For modern skaters this should cover most people, so if you are a fan of ‘Shecks’ there should be a board size to fit you.

Ryan Sheckler Deck Construction

The skateboards come in a number of deck constructions. There are models available in the BLK ICE, mini, Prospec and P2 deck constructions that will give you the option of different feel.

A lot of people are now opting for the BLK ICE for the pop and slide of the board. They also tend to last longer and keep that ‘new deck feeling’ for longer.


Ryan Sheckler Decks at Route One

If you are young or a bit smaller then its worth trying out the mini Ryan Sheckler deck. These are really conformable skateboard decks as they are narrower and shorted but are based on the full size board.

If you are looking for a lighter skateboard deck then you could consider the Prospec deck which is lighter, thinner and stronger using different type of thin laminates. All of the decks are great quality and one of the builds should suit you.

Price of the decks

These skateboard decks come in at around the same price as many of the other manufacturers at about £50. This is a fair price for a good quality deck from a major skate label. As the Californian company produce so many skateboard decks its worth waiting around until there is a sale on at the local skate shop or online store and you could get yourself a fantastic deal on a Plan B Ryan Sheckler deck.


Ryan Sheckler Decks at Route One

Riding a board put together by one of the best skateboarders in the world!

Ryan Sheckler has had a skateboard stuck to his feet from a very young age! The Californian skateboarding star is not just a pro skateboarder but a true athlete. He started skating at a young age and turned pro in in his teens. From then on he has pushed forward in business as well as skating to become one of the most famous names around.

Endless Competition Experience

Competition skating is something that Shecks thrives on, taking multiple wins. Since 2003 he has been taking the competition circuit by storm with a gold at the X Games and a win at the Vans Triple Crown and World Cup Of Skateboarding. Right up until now he has been pushing on with constant wins and podiums at the Dew Tour, Street League and other major competitions.

Shecks Video clips

He has appeared in countless video clips that all go to promoting his products including his decks. Video parts like the legendary Plan B true and lot of Red Bull clips have helped lift his public status and popularity as a skater. A lot of people still talk about the Plan B True drop in on the steel monument in China which looks scary enough just climbing up it let alone dropping in!

All of the experience Shecks has gained of learning new tricks and pushing the boundaries of skateboarding have been put into his decks. If you ride on of these boards there’s no excuses!

With all of our skateboard deck reviews we try to give you our opinion and we hope they help when its time to make the decision.