Torey Pudwill

Decks from one of the top Californian street skaters!

Torey Pudwill has a good range of skateboard decks available on Plan B. The Californian skater is well known for his street skating, big tricks and pretty gnarly slams are his trade mark. His decks are popular among the many street skaters who aspire to skate like a top street pro.


Torey Pudwill Decks at Route One

T-Puds has worked with a few different major skateboard deck manufacturers over the last decade which gives him tons of knowledge when it come to what sort of pro deck range he wants to put out there. The companies he has worked with include Shortys, Almost, Alien Workshop and now for the last 4 or 5 years Plan B.

Skater and Entreprenuer: Grizzly Grip Tape

As well as being a top world skater he is also well known as an entrepreneur in the skateboard industry. He is the person behind the Grizzly grip tape brand. He set this up in his teenage years and the brand has gone on to be one of the leading grip tape manufacturers. The success of the grip tape as well as his range of decks no doubt comes from the years of high level skating and drive an determination.


Torey Pudwill Decks at Route One

Pushing the limits in skating

Tory Pudwill is well known for pushing the limits of skating as far as he can. The countless slams don’t stop him. In many video clips like Plan B True his slam section is long and has some pretty nasty falls. He always gets back up and goes again. All of this experience is being put into his skateboard deck products and if they are good for him to skate and punish the way that he does they will probably be brilliant for most of us.

Building a good skateboard deck range means being a good skater and Torey Pudwill is one of the best when it comes to street skating. Being voted ‘Street Skater of The Year’ by Transworld Magazine in 2011 cemented that status. Not many skaters get to claim an accolade like that and all of that well recognised skill and hard work is ploughed into the Plan B Torey Pudwill Deck range.

Other sponsors that he has ridden for over the years include Matix Clothing, DVS Shoes and Skatelab.

Skateboard Deck Sizes

As always with the Torey Pudwill deck range comes in a good range of size to cover most peoples needs. Quiet a few of the T-Puds decks that are available are around the 7.75 to 8.0 size which are pretty common sizes for street skaters but he does offer a mini at 7.75 for the more vertically challenged of us and the Killbee deck at 8.37 which is the perfect size deck for street skating and hitting the transitions in the local skate park. If you are looking to go wider then this then it may be worth looking at a different brand or certainly a different pro deck line.


Torey Pudwill Decks at Route One

Deck Construction

The Tory Pudwill decks comes in the various constructions that Plan B Offer. The BLK ICE decks are really popular at the moment as they keep there pop and slide really well on rails. These boards also keep the new board feel for longer which is great on the pocket!

For the aspiring T-Puds of this world there is the mini that is great for all the kids who want to skate like their favourite pros. These boards have a shorted wheel base and are narrower for which makes it easier to skate for the little ones.

There is a lot of talk at the moment about the weight of your set up. With many light weight trucks and wheels on the market many of the deck manufacturers are following suit. Torey Pudwill offers the Prospec deck that is light as well as being really strong. Add this to a light weight set up and you will feel the difference.

For most of us all of these decks are more then good enough for the daily skate and should wear well.

Skate Video: Torey Pudwill’s Big Bang

Sit back and watch Torey Pudwill’s big bang, if you are unsure about him watch this and I think you may well be convinced to try a Torey Pudwill skateboard deck!