Santa Cruz

Skating through the decades!

Santa Cruz have been producing skateboards from the early 70’s right through to the current day. One of the most famous brands in skating over the years they have produced many brilliant skateboard products along the way.

The 80’s was a golden era for Santa Cruz Skateboards with many top skaters appearing in the legendary videos such as ‘Wheels Of Fire’. With many of the top pros in the team like Jeff Kendall, Rob Roskopp, Jason Jesse and Jeff Grosso loads of skaters were riding a Santa Cruz deck. These boards were really popular and with some of the strongest video parts from skaters like Natas Kaupus these boards were in demand.

Reissue skateboards

These Santa Cruz decks are becoming really popular and many of the older skate companies are releasing past pro models. Skaters are buying the boards for different reasons. Some are buying it for the classic art work to go on the wall. Some of the graphics have become icons in skateboarding and street sports like the Santa Cruz Screaming Hand. Other people are buying them because they used to skate the deck back in the day and it reminds them of the old skate sessions from the 70’s and 80’s. Other people buy them to skate, they are expensive to buy compared to modern boards but some skaters like a retro style set up. The reissue decks are really good quality and well worth looking at if you want a retro set up. Other companies like Powell Peralta have released a lot of reissue boards. One of the most popular is the Rob Roskopp deck.

The reissue decks are great for looking good and for cruising around but not so good for modern skating and tricks, many of them have small noses and are wide and heavy. This makes it awkward to flip the board around and doing lots of different grinds and slides. Its not impossible though, it will just feel easier and more comfortable on a modern board.

If you like to cruise around the park and streets and want something that feels stable and comfortable then may be one of these boards is for you.

Modern Santa Cruz skateboards

The modern boards are really good and they have a good range of decks to chose from. The boards cover a good range of size from 7.8 inch street boards to 8.25 decks that are the most popular size right through to 9 inch decks that are built in a modern shape but really stable and comfortable to skate.

The graphics come in a variety of styles, the range of Marvel Decks are colourful with cartoon graphics from the famous characters. They also have a number of logo decks that have different patterns, some of my favourites are the logo skateboards that have a natural wood finish, these boards look really nice.

Pro deck range

The team is made up of young and old time pros all offering a Santa Cruz deck. There are some real legends still on the label such as Eric Dressen, Jason Jesse and Steve Alba. These skaters are still out there ripping around and offering great pro boards. The young guys guys on the label like street league skater Tom Asta offer really modern pros boards in an 8.26 deck size.

We think these skateboards offer great quality and a good range of decks which are well worth checking out.