Does Skateboarding Keep You Fit

Does Skateboarding Keep You Fit?


The answer is yes. It’s a sport that a lot of people don’t really associate with fitness but it is an incredibly physical sport that has so many fitness benefits. For many of us we don’t even look at skating as exercise, more a way of life or something you just do. For some of the older generation however, we need something that is going to keep the pounds off as well as be a hobby that gives us a good adrenaline buzz!

Types Of Fitness Benefit

Below are some of the benefits you get from skating. It cover so many types of fitness and is a good all rounder for the body. But don’t forget, it is like any exercise, the harder you push it and the longer you skate the fitter you will get. Just hanging out at the skate park with an occasional run is just not going to do it!


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Pushing around on any terrain means you are traveling under your own steam which means that you will burn calories and raise your heart rate. If you skate for fun or to get around it will burn a few calories but if you are a serious skater that is sessioning hard for hours on end you could burn a lot of calories. Studies have shown that you can burn anything from 150 to 500 calories an hour. So just think, if you are skating hard for an afternoon it could be as much as 1,500 calories.

Core Strength

The nature of skateboarding means it is great for building core stability and strength. To balance you need good core muscles to hold your body in place and to pull off tricks you need great core balance and strength. Building your core fitness is great for all sports and for your health as whole.

Interval Training

If you skate seriously you will all know how tough a couple of minute run on a ramp, park or street is. Your heart rate goes through the roof and you sweat a lot. These explosive bursts of energy burn a lot of calories and are great for your fitness.


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Building Muscle

Working for hours on end at perfecting tricks that require strength and balance are brilliant for all round muscle building. You leg muscles will become very strong from the constant kicking down on the tail and your core muscles will grow in strength as your balance gets better. It’s definitely a more fun way to build strength and muscle than going the the gym.

Alternative Fitness

Let’s face it, most of us want to be fit and healthy but a session at the gym or running four times a week is just not much fun. If you choose a fun way of staying fit like skateboarding the reality is that you will probably spend more time being active and burning calories than doing activities that you see as a chore. As you get better at the sport and start taking on more tricks the amount of calories you burn will grow.

Great Physique

How many good skaters have you seen that carry weight? Virtually none. The amount of dedication and work it takes to perfect tricks means you are going to build a good strong physique. A lot of the pros have brilliant physiques with six packs that we dream of!

How Do I Get Started

It’s not tough to get started, you don’t need a ton of equipment, you just need a board and some smooth ground. That can be a street, sidewalk or a skate park. If you are new to skating get a stable board to learn the basics like a cruiser or wider standard shape board to build confidence. You don’t want a really twitchy board that is going to be hard to handle, the whole point is that you have fun getting fit. Decide what style of skating you want to try, street, ramp, park or just cruising around. A lot of this will be decided by what is around your house. We all have something to skate around us.

Complete Set Up

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Get a good quality complete set up that gets you started quickly, you can always change components as you start to get better and parts where out. There are so many complete skateboards on the market from top brands that you can literally get one delivered, throw on your shoes and your skating. Have a look at the links below, these are all great set ups to get you started.

As you learn tricks and build confidence you will get fitter and start to understand the type of board and style of skating you prefer.

If you are new to skateboarding and want a bit of help to get going then watch the video below from the guys at Braille Skateboarding. This will give you the absolute basics and get you out and having fun really quickly.


Any activity is better than none. The more time you are moving around the better. For those of us that use our skateboards to get around and for a bit of fun cruising you will burn a few calories. For the serious skaters practicing tricks for many hours a week it will keep you very fit and strong. You can have loads of fun staying fit and this is one of them. Skateboarding is such an easy sport to get involved in and will give a good adrenaline buzz as well as great fitness.