Spit and Sawdust Skatepark Review

Spit and Sawdust Indoor Skatepark: Cardiff

spit_and_sawdust_skateparkAs the winter draws in and the rainy days start we seem to have weeks on end where we can’t go out and skate. Not good! In our endless search for dry places to skate we have driven around the country looking at some of the indoor skate parks on offer in the UK. They are few and far between but we have found a few good ones.

Last week our travels took us over the bridge to Wales to check out an indoor park in Cardiff called Spit and Sawdust. South Wales has a few indoor skate parks and we had heard good things about Spit and Sawdust so though it would be worth a trip.

My mate messaged me and said we should go over. It was an easy choice, “I’m in” as it was raining and miserable, he then went on to tell me that we can get home made amazing burgers there to eat before you skate. ” I am definitely in!”

We turned up at an industrial estate just outside Cardiff centre to find a small warehouse tucked away in a corner, the perfect spot for an indoor skate park. Even with my dodgy sense of direction and sat nav I found it first time.

So many parks these days cater for bikes, scooters and skateboards that its hard to get a real sense of proper street skating indoors. Spit and Sawdust recreates a street skating feel perfectly as well as offering everything a conventional indoor skate park has to offer. The banks are perfectly built with nice hips and plenty of speed to be got from the wall ride. Instead of a standard bolted down rail there is a massive pipe, it slides beautifully and feels great. Much more fun than the same rail you skate at every park! The same for the grind block, it resembles your favourite low wall to grind and slide!

The session started tentatively with small slides and some bad excuses at grinds on the block. An hour later there were sweaty bodies flying all over the place, some on skateboards, others in mid flight before they hit the floor! Everyone was pushing each other on and a great night was unfolding.

The lines through the park are brilliant, one end has a huge wall ride which will send you flying through one of many lines up towards that banks at the other end with plenty of obstacles on the way. The more confident everyone got the higher up the wall they were going to plough into the next trick.

The mini ramp is really nice, the transitions are perfect and it feels great bombing around with a nice little wall ride roll in if you fancy it. Its not too high and not to small. At around 4 feet its great for skaters that want to learn a bit of transition skating and big enough for good skaters to fly around. The platform at the back merges into a big flat area at the top of the banks to give endless possibilities as well as your standard mini tricks. Sessions popped up sporadically though the evening and quietened down as everyone got knackered.

The atmosphere was really cool. Not a scooter in sight! There was plenty of chat between everyone and sessions built up in different areas as the night went on.

It wasn’t too busy but there was enough skaters to make it a really good session. The park is well laid out and has enough lines and space for everyone not to bash into each other all of the time. So many parks we go to have a single line through the middle that becomes un skateable with the endless scooter trains flying around. Not at Spit and Sawdust

Have a look at the video to see the park in action!

The food

Well what can I say about the food. Its amazing! We turned up half an hour before we were due to skate and were presented with a menu of mouth watering burgers that are made to order. This was the best, after a long drive a good bit of food and a chat before we head in for a big session. Perfect. When the burgers turned up they were no ordinary burgers. It was heaven, home made in lush bread with a selection of fillings. I could have eaten five but then I wouldn’t have been able to move and we needed to skate.

A mid skate snack helped too, with loads of drinks and not and cold snacks available we were sorted for the night.

The seating area for food is nice and relaxed with plenty of space to sit down and enjoy your food at any point during your skate. If you just need to flop down with a drink after your body has given up there are nice comfy chairs or if you want to sit and enjoy a proper meal the tables are nice and big. The staff are super friendly and there was plenty of chat!

Skate shop

The park has a small skate shop that has all of the bits and bobs you could need if your board dies on you during the session. From boards to bearings they have a pretty good selection and there is also a selection of clothes to chose from if you fancy a change of outfit!

Skate Film nights

In the seating area Spit and Sawdust put on the latest skate videos on a projector for everyone to go and watch. A good chance for all the skaters to get together and relax and have a few drinks. Last week they screened the Isle skateboards video ‘Vase’.

The Round Up

To round it up, we had a fantastic time and would recommend this indoor skateboard park to anybody that is thinking of travelling to a park or in the Cardiff area. It really is a great place and is a bit different. So many parks merge into one but not this one, it is pretty unique. Don’t forget to turn up early and get your food, you won’t be disappointed!