Alien Workshop: Bunker Down

Alien Workshop Bunker Down

Well what can i say! That was an intense 14 minutes of brilliant skating. I love this video, its dark and intense feel make it a compelling watch. The combination of gnarly and industrial locations and dark music draw you into a memorizing quarter of an hour. Its really good to watch a film without all of the frills and gloss of most skate videos but still with such high quality skating. I think this is going to be a love or hate sort of thing!

The music is as good as the skating, all of you techno fans will over the tunes brought to you by Nicholas Andrew Sadler and Container. Some upbeat sections like Frankie Spears really bounce along where as others like Joey Guevara add a really moody feel.

Its good to see Alien Workshop bounce back after what has been a really tough time for the company. Most of us thought it was the end for the legendary outfit but luckily it has been revived under Tum Yeto to keep going with its unique style.

Skating highlights have to be Paul Liliani’s manuals, Joey Guevara’s powerful style, Frankie Spears massive 50 50 rail, Max Garson bank gap ollie, and Brandon Nguyen lorry and stair wall ride.

No doubt one of my favourite videos this year as its so different! Have a watch and I hope you enjoy.