Skateboard Culture: Cuba

One of the best videos we have seen in ages. It takes a really different view of skateboarding. Enjoy!

Skating In Cuba

Giving you an insight into skating in am area that would not normally be associated with skateboarding this video goes back to what it is all about. Having fun!

Most skate videos that we see these days are all about who can go the biggest or do the most technical trick. Often set in California in great weather and the best skate parks it all seems great but it’s not the reality at all. In so many parts of the world skateboarding is growing and is an accessible modern sport that doesn’t cost the earth to get into. Cuba is often associated with strict rules and poor families so it’s good to see people out skating the streets. Sometimes just cruising around the streets and taking in what is going is what it is all about. Giving you something in life to enjoy and focus on rather then trying to compete with everybody else all of the time can be really refreshing.

Some of the locations on this video are amazing with shots of fantastic old cars and really different buildings that offer a lot to skate. There is still a quick shot of a cool skate park but it’s all about the cruising and skateboard life. Add a nice bit of jazz and you have a brilliant film with a unique view, not just of skating but of life in Havana.