Tony Trujillo’s Propeller Raw Files

Tony Trujillo’s Propeller Raw Files

In this review we look at some pretty raw skate footage from the Californian legend!

Every one will appreciate watching this film. It has everything from great locations to fast gnarly tricks and some pretty technical stuff. A lot of what is great about this clip is the style and feel. Grab a five minute break and enjoy!

Through out this video the locations are rugged and pretty raw. These DIY and old skate spots make great locations for filming really gnarly tricks and have some pretty unusual terrain to skate. There are a few nice skate parks that have some fast flowing footage in sunny California.

Slams and all!

The footage starts off with the results of a pretty decent slam that looks pretty sore, most skaters will agree that it is not something they want to happen to them even though it won’t stop you skating. Tony Trujillo is pretty used to big wipe outs and there are a couple in this footage.

The raw files on youtube from the Vans Propeller video are brilliant, you get to see some footage of the skaters that is not seen in the actual film and you get to watch it without all of the glossy finish of the final edit. Some of the slams are massive and it gives you a true perspective on how hard it is to go out and put together a 3 minute video full of really good tricks in amazing locations.

There are vans propeller raw files video clips on youtube for all of the skaters in the video which are all worth a watch. They are all different and have a lot to offer. We think the Tony Trujillo raw file is one of the best!

Tony Trujillo has had a long career as a pro

Tony Trujillo is a pro that has been on the scene for a long time, not only does he have all of the tricks he also skates with bags of style and speed. In a day when a lot of pros are concentrating on technical tricks all of the time its nice to see some power and style. In 2002 Thrasher magazine awarded Tony Trujillo the skater of the year award, this is a really prestigious award that very few skaters achieve and really sets the few apart from all of the other pro skaters out there.

He has been competing in skate competitions for many years with great success. Never quite getting gold he has been on the podium of the x games and the dew tour and many other top competitions on the skate scene. He is one of the pros that has lasted the test of time when many others have come and gone, signing for Anithero at 14 and went pro a couple of years later he has been on the scene for a long time. Being around this amount of time has given him a style that has developed over the decades and is unique.

Californian Pro Skaters

As with many pro skater he was born in California and still lives there today. With endless sunshine and plenty of smooth streets and skate parks it is the perfect place to develop many pros. Having the ability to skate every day is what make California such a great place for outdoor sports and with the bulk of the skateboard industry being based there support is easy to find for the up and coming skaters.

With all of our skateboard video reviews we like to talk about the things we like. Tony Trujillo’s Raw Files is no exception to that. One of our favourite short clips that we have watched in a long time and I hope that you all enjoy it.