On this page we are going to look at the skateboard wheel manufacturer Bones. We will have a look at the company and then a quick look at some of there products then you will be able to click down to the full review pages for each wheel. We hope that there is enough information here to help you make a good choice when you are purchasing your wheels.

We all want our boards to be set up in a certain way, and a lot of this is based on where we live, the style of skating we are into and the pro skaters we follow. Bones cover most bases and have a lot of the top pros putting the wheels through there paces on a daily basis. The Bones brand has been associated with skating for many decades starting out with the Bones Brigade, now the brand offers some of the best skateboard wheels on the market.

Bones Skateboard Wheels

Below is a brief overview of the wheels that are available from Bones in 2015 going into 2016. They have a good range of wheels that goes across the skateboarding spectrum from soft wheels for cruising around and uneven surfaces to really hard wheels to fly around the local skate park. There should be something here to suit your set up. If you like a set of wheels and think they could be for you, click through to the full review on the menu or in the text.

Bones SPF Wheels

Bones Skatepark Formula wheels are a favorite across the UK with skaters that want really fast and long lasting wheels to ride on really smooth surfaces like skate parks. The wheels are made from a very high quality urethane that is highly flat spot resistant meaning the wheels should last a long time and hold their shape well. They are measured on the B durometer scale which reads twenty points below the A durometer scale and allows a higher reading for harder wheels. The wheels are designed to grip well on slick surfaces and at the same time keep the rebound for responsiveness. You won’t get a faster roll then these!

Click on the detailed Bones Skate Park Formula Wheels Review here for more info.

Bones ATF Wheels

The Bones All Terrain Formula skateboard wheels are one of the softest wheels in the range giving you the ability to set up your board to take on bumpy surfaces and unforgiving terrain. The ATF urethane is poured to give a quiet ride that allows you to roll fast and smooth over all surfaces. A great wheel to think about in the UK if you live in an area with bad pavements!

To see if these wheels are for you click here for the Bones ATF Wheels review.

Bones STF Wheels

Bones have developed the STF wheels to give you a brilliant set of wheels designed to work well for all types of street skating. They are hard wheels that will roll really fast on any smooth street surfaces and give you the ability to slide nice and easily while at the same time still very flat spot resistant. These wheels are really popular and used by a lot of street skaters so well worth a go.

Read the in depth Bones STF Wheels review by clicking here and see if they are the right wheels for your set up

Bones 100’s Wheels

Covering the skaters on a tighter budget Bones have brought out the 100’s range that are fantastic wheels at a great price. Still a high quality wheel and a good all round hardness of 100a. These wheels will be great on your set up performing well and for most skaters should do the job with no problem at all.

Click here to read more in the Bones 100’s wheels review and see if you could save a few pounds and have the wheels you want.

Bones Filmer Series Wheels

The Bones Filmer Wheels are made from the ATF formula and are designed to be really quiet when the camera man is rolling alongside you trying to get the perfect shot. We all need camera shots and good video when we are out skating our perfect spots and this needs to be smooth and quiet. This could be the answer if you are the dedicated filmer and want a set up specifically for it.

Click on the link and we will go into more detail in the Bones Filmer Series Wheels Review.

The Bones Team

When it comes to assessing skateboard products it is always a good idea to see which pro riders are using the products. If a lot of big names are riding that brand then it must be good and be able to take the sort of punishment the average skater can dish out. Bones wheels are no exception, they have many pro riders on the brand pushing the wheels to the absolute limits and helping to develop the latest and best wheels on the market. Having a team like this means that the evolution of the wheels goes in the right direction all of the time.

The number of names on the Bones team is huge and includes the likes of Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen, Ryan Decenzo and Chris Haslam. The team covers all types of skating and has some of the leaders of the sport on the team. Definitely a great endorsement for the manufacturer.

Summing It Up

In a nutshell Bones will more than likely have the wheels for you. With all of the experience of the team and having produced quality wheels for decades the products that come out of the factory are top quality. We have in depth reviews on the different wheel models so click on the lick on the right to get more details.