We are going to take a look at the Bones 100’s wheels and see if they really are a good buy. Buying wheels can be an expensive thing so we all like to find a bargain. Bones offer these wheels at a great price that will make us all consider them. A lot of people compare 100’s to STF wheels and the first thing you notice is the price, you are getting much more for your money. Saying that the STF’s are also considered one of the best wheels out there at the mo so it really comes down to personal choice.

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If budget is a big consideration for you then definitely consider the Bones 100’s, there are many people skating these wheels very well with no complaints and are loving them.

Not all of us want to spend a huge amount on our set ups and want to build them bit by bit, if you are not a regular skater but want fairly decent board then the Bones 100s wheels could be a great option.

The Bones 100s range

They come in different wheels sizes to suit most peoples preferences and also in one hardness of urethane which is an all round 100a. The shape is standard but is also pretty standard so will suit most of us.

Bones OG 100s V1 Team Wheel 54 mm

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These 54mm options come in a plain white urethane with basic graphics. They have the bones logo and a bit of writing. These should look pretty good on any set up will wear well once the graphics have worn off. The larger diameter wheels will roll a little more smoothly.

Bones OG 100s V4 Team Wheel 51 mm


These smaller wheels will suit the more technical skaters out there keeping the board low to the ground. Te black urethane may look a bit scruffy as time goes on but that is down to personal preference. Again minimal graphics on these wheels.

Bones OG 100s V1 Team Wheel 50 mm


The smallest of the wheels that are offer in the 100 range at 50mm these are for the more techie skaters. The white urethane and basic bones logo graphics should here well and will look at home on most boards. A good option to add a budget set of responsive wheels to your board.

Bones OG 100s V4 Team Wheel 53 mm


This mid size wheel is good for most people. It will suit most styles of skating and roll well. The green graphics on the white urethane are a nice touch and will give your skateboard a bit of colour but may look a bit tatty as the graphics where off.

Bones OG 100s V4 Team Wheel 55 mm

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These are the largest of the range at 55mm and will roll the best of them all. Not everyone likes the bigger wheels but they will be smooth. The red graphics are nice on the white wheels but could look a bit rough after a while of skating them. Worth a try if you like bigger wheels and are on a budget.

What the skaters say

After talking to a few people and reading around these wheels get very mixed reviews. Some are really happy with them and bomb around the streets and parks happily with no complaints. Others have complained that they are not responsive enough and feel like plastic compared to the premium STF’s and SPF’s. If you are used to high end wheels it would be well worth sticking with them and if you could stretch to the extra ten pounds personally I would say a set of STF’s or Formula Four’s would be a wise investment but if you are on a budget they will do a good job.

An Established Brand

Buying cheap skateboard wheels can be a bit of a mine field. There are so many reviews that say one thing and then others that totally contradict them. One thing you can rely on with Bones wheels is the decades of experience they have in wheel building and all of the knowledge they have from there team to put into product development. If you are unsure then it can’t be a bad thing to rely on the real experts when buying your products.