On this page we are going to have a look at the Bones ATF range of wheels. These are brilliant soft wheels that will roll well on any road surfaces. This is great if you are skating along different pavements and bombing around the streets. Many of us don’t have skateboards purely for tricks, they are often used for transporting and just cruising around in the nice weather. If you are one of those people then carry on reading through this article and see if the are for you.

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Skateboarding On Rough Surfaces With ATF Wheels


The UK streets are really pretty rough at times and the weather does them no favours. With sun and warmth one minute then ice the next they get cracked and bumpy with little stones all over them. Not the ideal place to skate! But it can be, just because a big hill near you is a bit rough it doesn’t mean it’s no good for skating. What you need to get is a set of Bones All Terrain Formula Wheels to put on your board that will cruise down the hill taking on the bumps and imperfections in the surface with no worries.

The All Terrain Wheels are built using specially formulated urethane to deal with the rough terrain a lot of us live around, the core of the wheels is tough plastic to give a great built quality that will last.

They will give you a nice smooth ride and you can still ollie up and down things and do some basic tricks but they won’t feel like a good set if street wheels when you are trying to do lots of technical tricks. I have a set of these on a slightly wider boards for bombing down to the shops and absolutely swear by them for a good bit if fun!

The Bones All Terrain Wheel Range

Below are some of the wheels in various sizes of the different ATF wheels that you can buy. They come in a great range of size from 52mm to fit a normla size set up right up to 62mm for a wheel that is a bit more of a cruiser. The wheels hardness is 80a for that super soft and smooth ride.

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Bones Nobs ATF 80a Skateboard 54mm Wheels


These wheels are brilliant if you are running set up that has smaller wheels on it and want a second pair that fit nicely. The Bones ATF 54mm wheels mean tricks are going to be okay on the all terrains whilst rolling well. The graphics are really nice with a big truck tyre on them to show they are up for any surface you throw at them!

Bones Lucas Versus ATF Pro 52mm Wheels


These Bones ATF 52mm wheels are again perfect as a second pair of wheels. If you are running a board between 7.5 and 8.5 inches with small wheels for street or park skating these would be a great back up to have if the going gets a bit rough. The colour and graphics are nice and would sit well on most set ups.

Bones Evans Chomped III ATF Pro 62mm Wheels


These wheels are slightly large and 62mm and will give you the ultimate smooth ride taking on any loose stones and bumps that are in your away. The bigger wheels may not sit that well on modern set ups as you will need rider pads but would fit nicely on a wider board like an 8.75 or 9 inch double ended board or a cruiser board. A really fun wheel.

Bones Ray Aperture ATF Pro 54mm Wheels


Another set of 54mm Bones ATF’s that will sit well on a modern set up. They will make you board nice and quiet as well as smooth so you don’t get into trouble with the neighbours when you are skating outside your house on the rough tarmac. The design is nice with the white 80a urethane and coloured graphics that look pretty modern and will sit well with most set ups. Another style to add to your choice.

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Cruising around

Lots of us are not that bothered about pulling off the latest tricks and becoming a really technical skater we just want to bomb about the local park in the sun. If this is the case then you need a wheel that feels really comfortable and makes your board fun to ride. The ATF wheels certainly give you that. The board will feel ultra smooth and conformable cruising over the cracks and gripping really well for nice big carves.

Bones All Terrain Formula Wheels In Action

Watch Taylor Bingaman cruise around his local streets with the ATF wheels and see what they are capable of. This is a great video and well worth a watch to see how much fun you can have with these wheels. Enjoy!

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Easy On Your Body

If your knees are shot and the body just can’t take the tooth rattling ride of really hard wheels any more then consider a set of these wheels for the most comfort. You can still cruise around the skate park, it will be a bit slower and feel a bit spongy but they will still do the job. Many of the older skaters that are done with tricks because the body just won’t take it any more turn to set ups like this for a good bit if fun that will not have you limping for the next two days!

The Summary

Summing these wheels up I would say they are excellent and make skating really bad surfaces a lot of fun. If you can afford two sets of wheels then do that and where ever you end up you are going to be able to have a really good skate. These wheels will give last you a long tine and you will enjoy them. Highly recommended!