Now we are going to have a look at the Bones Filmer Series of wheels. The Filmer wheels are becoming really popular with the thousands of skaters that are making there own videos to put on various sites.

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Standard hard wheels at around 100a are much too noisy to use as they will over power the noise of the actual skater being filmed and the quality of the film will be lost. They are also not as smooth meaning the camera is not as steady and it is much easier to hang up on a stone or bump that you cannot see properly as you are behind the camera. The person filming needs the board to run smoothly without any hassle and not worry about too much in their path.

Wheel Construction: ATF Formula

The wheels are made using the ATF urethane formula with a hardness of 80a on the durometer scale, giving a super quiet ride that allows skaters to be filmed by another skater following them. The core of the wheel is a tough plastic finishing off a great build quality. In terms of sizes they start at 52mm for the people who want a spare set of wheels to fit a standard size set up and go up to 64mm for the bigger and wider boards that a lot of filmers prefer to ride as they are so stable

The Bones Filmer Wheel Range

Below are a few of the wheels that are available in the filmer range. Click on the buttons to view the full range of filmer wheels available.

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Bones 52mm Lucas Vintage ATF Pro Filmer Wheel


These 52mm wheels are perfect to go onto a standard set up as a spare set of wheels but are a bit on the small side for filmer wheels as the bigger they are the smoother they will run. If you are a fan of standard size wheels then these will be for you. The Orange colour will add a nice bit if colour to your board.

Bones Filmbot III ATF Team 56mm Wheel


The Filmbots at 56mm will be a smoother roll and shouldn’t be too big for a standard set up. They will definitely overcome any cracks and bumps a lot easier than the 52mm wheels. Definitely recommended.

Bones Hernandez Film ATF Pro 56mm Wheels

Bones Hernandez Filmer_ATF_Pro_56mm_Wheel

The legendary skate camera man Jason Hernandez brings you these great 56mm filmer wheels. If anyone is a good person to recommend some film wheels it is Hernandez. He has worked with the likes of World Industries and TransWorld Magazine compiling some epic classic skate clips.

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Some of the best clips that we watch of our favourite street skaters are filmed by another skater following and this has become a bit of an art in itself. All you need is a Go Pro and some filmer wheels and you are away!

Skate Video Sound

There is nothing like the sound of the board in a great clip flying along and the sound of the pop and the landing of a cleanly landed trick are what it is all about. The faster that the skaters go the better the sound which is so important.

More Accessible Film Making

Making films has become much easier over the past decade with the availability of cheap high definition camera that enables all skaters to go out and make some pretty great films. In years passed this was pretty exclusive to the pro and sponsored skaters as the equipment was too expensive and hard to come by. Now with cheap cameras and editing software some of the amateur clips that are on sites like youtube are amazing.

The one extra piece of equipment that is needed to film skateboard video clips is a quiet set of wheels. They need to be really soft so that they are really quiet and the main skaters skateboard is the only noise in the film and they need to be really smooth which makes it easier to keep the camera still and iron out as many bumps as possibles.

Filming skateboard videos is all about the angles and getting close to the action. Many videos are shot with many cameras at different angles and one of the most popular is having another skater follow you along being really close to the board. In street skating this is used a lot as a run can go on for a long time and over a long distance which means the camera needs to be able to keep pace with the skater.

Mike Manzoori: Filmer Skateboard Set Up

Check out cinematographer Mike Manzoori’s guide to his filmer set up and how important the wheels are.

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In Summary

These are definitely the wheels for all you budding film makers out there. They will make your board run well and cruise over any cracks and bumps helping you to concentrate on the job in hand of getting some great footage. These will improve your go pro footage by many times and you can start to put together some pro looking clips. As long as you are skating well enough!!