In this page we are going to have a look at the Bones SPF wheels and see what they can offer. The Skate Park Formula Wheels are used by a lot of people so must be pretty good to get a great reputation.


The urethane has been specifically formulated to work well in skate parks and on really smooth surfaces. With so many skate parks being built in the local areas it is really important to have a set of wheels that run really well to maximise the speed you get and essentially making it a lot more fun! In the UK it can be difficult to run on just one set of wheels so a lot of us have a set specifically for parks and one for bombing around the rough pavements.

Bones skate park formula wheels are designed to be really grippy, some parks can get a bit slidy at times so this is a real bonus and at the same time they allow you to slide when you need to. The wheels are measured at 83B on the durometer scale which is about the equivalent of 103A so they are really hard making them a super fast set of wheels!

Flat Spot Resistant

One of the big features of these wheels is that they are flat spot resistant. This is great news as the longer your wheels stay in shape the longer they will roll fast. Wheels are not cheap and its not great if you making a big flat spot on the quickly and end up with a noisy slow set of wheels. These wheels are not the cheapest but they will save money in the long run as they last so long.

Some STF Models

Below are some of the different model wheels available in the Bones skatepark formula range. Some are endorsed by pro riders and available in different colours so have a look through and see which ones suit your set up.

Bones SPF Sonic Wheels 62mm


This is a great set of wheels that come in the versatile size of 62mm which suits a lot of skaters. The urethane is white with some pretty nice and simple black graphics. These should look good even when the graphics are worn off.

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Bones SPF Hawk Mini Cube 58mm Wheels


These are great looking Retro Bones SPF wheels. They look like wheels from decades ago but are made with the modern formula that makes that wheels so popular. The red colour will look great with an retro style set up. Definitely a set of wheels to consider if you want old school looks and modern wheel technology.

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Bones SPF Trance Bones 54 mm


These wheels are slightly bigger at 54mm but still a good all round size for most skaters. This shape is slightly wider as well. The graphics are plain and simple that will suit most set ups. All good for most boards and should last a long time.

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SPF Wheels In Action

There is no better endorsement for a set of skateboard wheels than seeing them in action. The Bones SPF wheels are ridden by so many riders its worth sitting down and watching Brad Mcclain showing you what they are capable of. If the Bones team can put them through there paces and they still come out in one piece then they are tough enough for all of us. Enjoy!

Hopefully this review will help you to make a good choice when it come to buying a set of wheels.