In this review we are going to look at the popular Bones Street Tech Formula Wheels. They are designed specifically for the street skaters to offer the best performance and last a long time. As you read through the review you will be able to click through to check the prices and purchase the wheels if you think they are the right wheels for your set up.


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Flat Spot Resistant

Flat spots are a nightmare for most of us, we don’t want to spend a lot of money buying wheels on a regular basis but once you get a flat spot it will annoy you until they are replaced! It is so easy to do by hanging up on a small stone or getting locked into a big slide so anything that can be done to reduce the likely hood of this happening would be great. The STF range are specifically engineered to reduce the chance of you flat spotting your wheels. Not only do these wheels give you great performance they also give you a long lasting wheel which will save you money in the long run.

Bones Street Tech Formula Wheel Range

Below we are going to have a look at some of the wheels available in the Bones Street Tech Formula range. They are all made from the same urethane but differ slightly in size and style giving you plenty of options to suit your skateboard.

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Bones Joslin X-Men V2 STF Pro 53mm Wheels


These wheels are endorsed by Chris Joslin one of the best skaters around over the least decade. They are a good all round size at 53mm with nice black graphics. The actual wheel is made using white urethane. The black graphics will look good on most set ups and when it wears away the standard white urethane will still look good. The V2 wheels are a little thinner and will lock into grinds nice and easy.

Bones Decenzo B-Movie V1 STF 52mm Pro Wheels


These wheels look great and will add a nice bit of colour to your set up. A lot of skateboard wheels are made of white urethane so a set of green wheels will be a nice change. Endorsed by Ryan Decenzo one of the best Street League Skaters out there he has mastered the skate park and street with a huge amount of tricks. If these wheels are good enough for him then they should suit most of us!

Bones Haslam Vato Op V1 STF Pro 53mm Wheels


The Bones Haslam STF wheels are a pretty low key set of wheels with a minimal design for the skaters that like to keep there set up basic and not to colourful. The white urethane has a logo and bit if text but that is pretty much it. A good versatile wheel size at 52mm will be great for most. The V1 STF wheels are wider then the other and are a really stable wheel wheel that will grip well.

Bones Hawkins Water V1 STF Pro 54mm Wheels


The Bones Hawkins STF wheels are a bigger all round wheel, the V1 is a good wide wheel that is stable and great in most areas and at 54mm it is a larger diameter. These are not the lightest wheels but are good for a general wheel that will last a long time. The urethane is white with a nice blue graphic. A good choice for skaters who prefer a larger wheel.

Bones Team STF Party Pack 52mm Wheels


These wheels look great, they are not endorsed by a particular rider but are made from the same quality urethane and perform just as well. The multi coloured wheels will set you apart in the big sessions and if you like a board that is a bit flamboyant then these are for you! At 52mm they are a good all round size and will suit people who like a wheel on the smaller side but not too small.

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The Formula

Bones have a specific formula for the urethane that is used to make the Bones STF skateboard wheels that is not used by any other manufacturer. The quality of components used in the formula is designed to offer a wheel that is flat spot resistant while giving you a fast and smooth ride. It also has high rebound for the ultimate control. The wheels are also brilliant for sliding when you need to.

At 83B these wheels are very hard and run really quickly, they are measured on the B durometer scale for better accuracy over 100a. Great fro street skating on smooth pavements and for popping lots of tricks but not so good for rough surfaces.

STF Wheels In Action

Have a look at this video of some of the team riding the STF wheels, this should give you a pretty good idea of what they are capable of and the sort of style the skaters using them are riding. There is some pretty big and fast stuff in here so if you are unsure about these wheels being up to the job this video should help you make up your mind!

The Final Word

We hope all of the information on this page has helped you get a good picture of what these wheels are capable of and if they will suit you. We think they are great value for money, even if they are at the higher end of your budget as they will last a lot longer than other wheels. There are so many people skating these wheels that should be a a big enough recommendation in itself!